Monday, May 24, 2010


I had such a fun weekend! I went home to California for my best friend's wedding. It was so much fun being with her on her special day and getting to spend time with my family, especially my mom :) I got there on Friday and ran errands with my mom all afternoon, and we went to my favorite place...Wahoo's..duh. That night we hung out and watched some episodes on the DVR. I don't have cable in my apartment out here so I had to catch up on some things...! Saturday morning was the sealing at 10 AM. It was awesome for me because I got to go inside the room where Justin and I were married just 6 weeks before :) It brought back a flood of memories and feelings. I loved hearing the words of the ceremony again because on my wedding day my brain was all over the place and I didn't quite take it all in, so it was nice to sit, relax and take in all of the words and promises that are given within the sealing. I have known Brittney and Jesse from the beginning and it was really special to watch them be sealed, as well! After the temple, we took some pictures and then I raced home so I could make it home for Brittni Lumsden's bridal shower. It was soooo good to see everyone and just be with family. After that we went home and I did Caroline's hair for Prom. She is such a diva! Her and her friends looked gorgeous, and she says she had a lot of fun!
The reception that night was in Temecula in someone's backyard. It was absolutely beautiful. Honestly, it blew me away when I saw everything. There was food, dancing and lots of friends. It was so much fun to let loose and just be with my friends. All the while, I was missing Justin very much. We haven't spent more than a couple hours apart since the wedding so it was sad but we were both really busy and having fun so it was all good! Sunday was my Grandpa's 70th birthday party, so we went to that! Happy Birthday Gpa. Oh! I got to see one of my best friend's Allie on Sunday night, miss her so much. The weekend was amazing and now i'm sitting in my lonely desk, in my lonely office back in Arkansas. One more thing! As we were flying in to Arkansas today I couldn't help but notice how beautiful this place is! You would never know it but seriously this place is a little gem. It's extremely green with gorgeous mountains. It really is such a fun place to live for the summer.I can't help but feel really blessed today. Well, now that you know what I did this entire weekend, I will go! Until next time. :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I think it's time for the camera and I to become acquainted. I have always loved photography. Indeed, I do appreciate a good picture but for some reason I have never really gotten into photography. I blame it on my lack of a good camera, so this year for Christmas I want a camera...not a cheap one from wal-mart but a nice one. Easy enough..right Santa? Photography will be my new hobby. Can't wait.

Monday, May 17, 2010


So lately I'm feeling a little blog challenged. My blog is all over the place. I change the font...and I can't get it back. I change the background...and I can't get it back. One day it will click and I will become a professional blogger, but for looks a little challenged. Any who, life will go on. Last week Justin sold 12 pest control accounts. Each one is worth 150 do the math! At the end of the week, I exclaimed, "We're rich!" It may not seem like a lot of money in one week, but were college students! Any money is a lot of money! 
So this weekend I am going home. I am flying out of this place on Friday morning so that I can be home for my best friend's wedding. I'm so excited to be there on her wedding day, especially because I get to go in the temple. :) The closest temple to us, here in Arkansas, is the Oklahoma City Temple. It's about 3 hours away from us. It's so sad because I want to go to the temple so bad but we literally have no time to go and we would have to plan out a trip because it isn't right around the corner. We will make it there soon and when we do, I will be soooo happy!!! Life is good here in Arkansas. We got callings in our ward yesterday. Yep Justin and I are the new teachers for the Sunbeams! Bring on the kids. We're so excited and hopefully this will be a good experience for us.
Anyway, thats pretty much what's going on with us. What's going on with you? 

Monday, May 10, 2010

Birthday/Mothers Day/One Month

It was my birthday! Every couple of years it falls on Mother's Day and I kind of like it. On Saturday I came home from work to a very large bouquet of roses..they were my favorite colors.

Anyway, the day kinda went like this. We knew my actual birthday was on Sunday and that meant Sunday and Sunday activities..:) That was okay because on Saturday night we went to a restaurant called Shogun. It was like Bari Bari or Benihannas. They cook in front of you. Although it was quite a chunk of money, it was worth every penny. We had such a good time together and our cook had us laughing the whole time. Not to mention, the food was AMAZING. Justin got me the movie Blindside, a new purse, a new wallet, 2 pairs of earrings and new pair of shoes. He did such a good job! I love everything he got me. My mom got me an ipod shuffle and a gift card to do some shopping. I was very spoiled this year. On Sunday we went to church, took a nap and went on a drive. It was a relaxing day but still so much fun. On Sunday night, our friends came over for some cupcakes and ice cream!!

Since yesterday was Mothers Day, I thought I would give a little shout out to my own Mom. She is such an amazing person and someone I aspire to be like always. Thanks for everything Mom! LOVE YA!! Oh and today marks ONE MONTH! haha I'm kind of a nerd when it comes to anniversaries. It's fun! I made Justin a card when we had been married a week. He laughed at me...what's new. Anyway, this past month has been awesome and I look forward to many more!

Oh by the way, I turned 21! Woo hoo go crazy! ha.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gym Rats.

Yep. Thats right. As of yesterday, Justin and I are the newest members of the gym. Since we have been here in Arkansas, we have both been feeling a little lazy. We go to sleep. It sounds relaxing but we both starting going a little crazy. I found a gym just 2 miles down the road from our apartment..oh and when I say gym I mean HUGE MASSIVE GYM!! I'm serious. I worked at LA Fitness in California for a while and I thought that was a huge gym. This thing has an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, basketball courts, tanning beds,a sauna, a putting green and two stories full of machines. I am not exaggerating when I say that this place is legit. Anyway, we went to the gym this morning and it was awesome. It felt so good to get up and do something. Besides the gym, we have been up to the usual. We work 6 days a week and hang out together when were not at work. I have been googling places for us to see and things for us to do while were here in Arkansas. We figure we wont be back so lets make the most of it!

Things I want to do while we are in Arkansas:

Ozark National Park
Visit the very first Wal-Mart (why not)
Go to the giant craft fair this weekend
Go fishing in a nearby lake
Go to an Arkansas Razorbacks game
Local Farmers Market
Visit the Pea Ridge Civil War battle site

And the list goes on...
Of course we don't have the beach or the annual lake trip with the family but I think we will have a good time this summer. I'm looking forward to many memories ahead..with my hubby :)