Monday, April 26, 2010

Sneak Peak :)

I thought I would post a picture from our wedding..just a little sneak peak! We haven't gotten any of our pictures back from the photographer but we have some good ones that were taken by family members. Anyway, life in Arkansas is wonderful! Justin and I had such a fun weekend. We worked on Saturday (booo) and then after work we went to a place called the Promenade. Basically, it's an outdoor mall and it was amazing. It had a lot of good stores but low and behold it had my favorite store...FOREVER 21!!! We saw it on the way out and I told Justin not to let me go in there...I would definitely buy something and right now we don't have a lot of money:) We will get payed soon and then I might venture back to Forever 21..we will see. We went to dinner at Chiles after the Promenade and then bowling after that with some friends! It felt so good to get out and do something. Work seems to keep us in a routine every day but its nice to break out and have fun on the weekends!
Being married is awesome. You get to hang out with your best friend 24/7. I'm so grateful for Justin and for all that he does for me. Yesterday we were talking about how fun it is to be together all the time and I said "Yeah Justin were like two peas in a pod", and boy did he laugh at me. Sometimes I say the most randomest things. Anyway, work awaits me. peace.

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