Thursday, June 10, 2010


Life has been really good! Here are some highlights as of lately...

-My sunbeams. I love the sunbeams. We get to hang out with them for 2 hours every Sunday and as soon as they start to get really wild and cranky...we give them back to their mothers. Oh how I love the sunbeams.
-Justin and I have been working out CONSTANTLY and we are looking pretty good.
-I've been trying a bunch of new recipes and apparently after I eat every meal I've been saying, "Oh this is my favorite meal by far," so finally yesterday Justin says, "Megan, you say that after every meal." Oh dang. It's good food okay.
-Justin went and played church basketball the other night. It was seriously classic.
-I've been missing my family a lot, of course.
-Watching the Lakers win is always fun. They are gonna take it all..I can feel it.
-We got our wedding pictures back!! I will post some soon.
-Two months ago, Justin and I got married. Where does the time go??
-The light bulbs in our kitchen and the light bulb in our living room went out, so basically we have light in our bedroom right now.We eat dinner by candle light every night..until I make it to the store :)
-Oh and my little sister, Caroline, is graduating next week. Weeee can't wait til she comes to school with me.

Life is good. Justin and I couldn't be happier. I'll update soon with pics!

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