Monday, August 9, 2010



What do you think?! It's okay if you don't like them because I cut them myself haha:) This past weekend I was going to get my hair cut and colored and then I realized I can just do it myself! I went to Sally's Beauty Supply, bought the hair dye and on Friday night JUSTIN dyed my hair. No joke. He put the gloves on and dyed my hair. It was awesome and he did a good job! I cut my hair and he colored about saving money! 5 days until our vacation. Life is sweet.


  1. LOVE the bangs! and wait you colored it too? why did you put up a black and white pic silly!?

  2. SO CUTE Megs! And I love that Justin died your hair. That cracks me up. ha ha. Also I love your post about happiness. It made me think about what I need to work on!


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