Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the flood.

Yep. Basically our apartment was flooded with water yesterday. Our maintenance guy came and fixed our faucet yesterday but apparently our faucet doesn't fit our sink like it's supposed to, and therefor it keeps coming unscrewed. We have had a leak all semester and yesterday was epic. I went to turn the water off at the kitchen faucet and off popped the handle. Water was spraying into the air at high pressure. I was freaking out!! Water was drenching our apartment. I ran upstairs to try and find anyone who knew how to turn off the main water supply but no one was home! I was trying to cover the water at the base with my hands but the water pressure was so high it was blasting everywhere. I was under the sink trying to unscrew and screw every knob down there but nothing would turn off the water! My neighbor from upstairs ran down and called our manager, who sent our maintenance guy back but by that time the water had been spraying for like 10 minutes. Our kitchen floor had about 6 inches of water and the carpet was DRENCHED. They had to try and suck up the water from the kitchen...which worked but getting the water out of the carpet is another story. We have huge fans trying to dry it out and a carpet cleaner came this morning to suck out the water. The carpet is still damp and our house is still a disaster. The only thing I'm really bummed about is our bookshelf got wet. All of our books are going to have wrinkly paper now. ugh....but other than that we pretty much just spent like 2 hours drying everything off! I guess it's a good story but kind of a pain to deal with! OH and while this whole thing was happening...I was home alone. Justin was in you can imagine how much I was freaking out! It was nuts but I survived. Anyway yesterday was pretty eventful...hopefully we won't have any "events" for a while :)

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