Friday, August 19, 2011

Diddy Riese

Has anyone out there been to Diddy Reise in Westwood, California?!!

Ha. But seriously it is the best! It is so simple and yet so delicious. Two cookies with a big scoop of ice cream in the middle. You pick any two cookies and any flavor of ice cream. Everything about this place is amazing. Anywho- My siblings and I spent the day in Malibu/Santa Monica. My SIL went to Pepperdine in Malibu, so we went back and walked around the campus. We went to the beach for a few hours and then headed down PCH to Santa Monica. We walked around the third street promenade, got Chipotle and headed over the Diddy Reise. It was kind of a perfect day. Diddy Reise is really close to UCLA and Pepperdine so I keep hinting at those places for law school.

Ya, my opinion on what law school he goes too depends on what food surrounds the school.


Oh, and my little cousins are out of this world adorable.



  1. Oh it looks like you had so much fun!! When did you change your header? It is so cute and if it was a while ago- I can't believe I'm just noticing it now! My BIL went to regent university for law. It's a Christian school in Virginia beach. He and my sister have never had more fun in their lives! That could be a good one to look into. :)

  2. Your photos are gorgeous! And I am now following your blog! :] Also, I like hearing that other people's husbands are planning on law school. My husband is still deciding if he is ready to commit to that for sure but if he does I'm glad that I'll have the support of fellow bloggers!

  3. Ice cream sandwiches are the best kind of sandwiches in my opinion! Sounds amazing. Great pictures!

  4. you had me at cookies and ice cream.

    oh! and i've heard great things about pepperdine's law school - i looked into it myself, but it was a bit (ok, a lot) out of our price range!

  5. Yum, that place sounds amazing! I think it's totally normal to pick major decisions based around food. Haha.

  6. I know this is fairy irrelevant to your post, but you dress so cute! I love your style. And cookies and ice cream? Yes, please.

    Oh. And my dad went to Pepperidine. Woot.

  7. Unfortunately, I've never been there, being on the East Coast, but it sounds amazing! Ice Cream & cookies, how can you go wrong?! The pictures are too cute!

  8. Mmm. Summer and food. Best time of year:-) xoxo

  9. Sounds like you had an amazing day! I think it's completely normal to make important decisions while keeping in mind the nearby food options! :)

  10. OM freaking G! Diddy Reese is my favorite cookie place in the world! I was born in Santa Monica so I grew up there! You guys are stinkin adorable ;) I'm now following you too!

  11. Ok, I've been hearing all about these ice cream cookie sandwiches and I NEED to try them!! Sounds so yummy!
    And your cousins ARE adorable :)

  12. OH.MY.GOSH.
    I am OBSESSED with this place, and have never met anyone else who has been!! BEST COOKIE ICE CREAM SANDWICHES EVERRRRRRRRR!!

  13. Hey, close food places are definitely an important factor to consider ;) I think you're right on track haha

  14. YES!!! I HAVE... I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!! Seriously they are freaking amazing. Being at FIDM we would go there on our late night trips, it was close enough. I told Gian if he goes to Law School in So Cal we are making a trip and if he goes to UCLA we will be there every night!! I love this place seriously!!!! It is genius and I wish they would open more locations. There is a place here in UT County called Smart Cookie, total knock off... and not as good. I miss Diddy Riese!!!

  15. Thanks for the sweet comment! I'm your newest follower :)

  16. Excellent choice to make life decisions based on food availability. ;) TeeHee!

    Such cute pictures...and lovely kiddos!!


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