Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm baaaaack

I haven't blogged in 20 days and it feels kinda good. I like catching up on everyone's lives and blogging about ours but sometimes it feels nice to just not worry about it. Now I feel really behind ha! J and I are really enjoying life in California. It is sunny and we are around family A LOT. That is probably my favorite part because towards the end of our time in Rexburg all of our family moved away and it was just us left! Talk about lonely. We spent Christmas with my family and then right after Christmas we headed down to Mesa, Arizona. Most of Justin's family lives down there and his parents were there for the holidays so we took my little brother and we went down there for New Years. It was SO much fun! The Holidays were amazing. There was so much family time and it was awesome to just relax and not worry about school or work. 

Drum roll please........Yep. This was my Christmas/Graduation present from my parents, my hubby and the in-laws!! Yeeeeeeeeeee! Seriously. I am in love. Enough said. I have so many pictures I want to put up and this is only the beginning......


  1. california my dream! are you guys going to school there or just moved to be closer to family? my hubby and i have a goal that it 2-3 years we will be living in cali.

    i live is mesa. it was so nice over new years, perfect weather!

    that is a sa-weet camera!! and welcome back to the blog.

  2. Yay for your beautiful new camera! Also, I didn't know Justin was from AZ! How fun that you were down here! Your holidays look like they were absolutely wonderful!

  3. Love love love the camera! :)

    Glad you're back!

    Cute new header!


  4. Good for you for taking a break from blogging!! I agree it feels sooooooooo nice!!! That is an awesome Christmas present from your parents!!! I am kinda a little bit jealous! ahahahah. It seems like you had a great trip!!! Does that mean you guys are back in ID? Or are you staying in CA?

  5. YAAY for a 20 day hiatus! Christmas looked like lots of fun and glad you are enjoying the CA sun. Um...can we not be blogger friends if I say I went to Los Al High School?? I see an Esperanza jacket and got a little scared.... ha ha ha :)


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