Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Random stuff

Yep, I had a birthday. I turned the big 2-3! It was a low key birthday and yet very exciting because it was my first birthday at home in the last 4 years. My 19th birthday was spent in Rexburg,Idaho. My 20th birthday was spent in Florence,Italy. My 21st birthday was spent in Lowell,Arkansas and my 22nd birthday was spent again in Rexburg,Idaho. Wow, we move a lot haha. So, it was good to be home. I went to work, had a little surprise birthday party, and had a date with my hubby on the weekend. I was spoiled and it was awesome! In other news, the hub is working in Arizona this week so that means I come home from work and eat ice cream instead of going on a run...yeah we are running a half-marathon next weekend. Am I ready? Kind of. We will see! ahh!

Two things I love: baby drool and the LA Kings. Go Kings!

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday to you! :) And when are you moving to AZ?! You said sometime in August, right?? We'll have to go to Bahama Bucks sometime! Haha. And your birthdays really have been all over the place! How fun!


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