Friday, November 16, 2012

A letter

Dear Baby, 

We are expecting your arrival in appx. 13 weeks but I wouldn't mind if you came a little early. Not too early, but maybe like a week :) You are so incredibly active inside my tummy, and your Daddy actually asked me the other this normal?? You are constantly moving and shaking. We are pretty positive we have a name for you but I'm pretty fickle these days and you never know if I might change my mind. Your Daddy is a full-time student and the other day he said something about how school and getting a job and providing for us is what constantly is on his mind. I proudly stated that baby was on my mind 24/7 because you are! Sometimes I drift off to sleep thinking about you and even dreaming about you. My favorite dream so far has been when I dreamt that me, you and your daddy were lying in bed snuggling. Daddy and I were playing with your little toes and little fingers. I dream about the day you will come into our lives and sometimes I wake up feeling anxious. I want to meet you right now! But I understand that you need to fatten up before we can meet you. 

The other night your Daddy was talking to you really close to my belly. You were being kinda shy but as soon as he started talking you were kicking and moving around like a mad man! In a way, I think I'll miss having you inside of me. We pray every night that you are growing and developing just the way you should. We love you so much, already and can't wait to meet you. 


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