Monday, July 19, 2010

Blue Slushie

Justin and I had a fun weekend together! We decided to take our mattress off of our bed and put it in the living room. The TV is in the living room so we thought we would have a little sleepover! We went to Sonic and got some delicious drinks. I got a coconut berry slushie and Justin got a sonic blast with oreos. Of course, we stopped by the Redbox on the way home and rented Bounty Hunter. It was an awesome night because it was just us. This week it's going to be over 100 degrees...SWEET. My little brother Ryan aka LOU BOB turned 16 yesterday. WHAT? Last week he was like 7 years old and now he's 16?! This is madness. Well anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN! Ladies watch out....this kid can date. Oh p.s. Justin and I have been married for 100 days. Nice.
Oh and P.S.S. Did I mention...remember those pretty little running shoes a couple posts back?? Well low and behold putting them on my blog worked and they are currently on my feet.


  1. please tell me the next time you go to sonic you will get a cranberry limeade in honor of me

  2. omg me and collin do that too! Every now and then we drag our mattress out to the livingroom, get fast food and a movie and have a sleepover! Way FUN! Glad you guys know how to live it up like we do lol


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