Tuesday, January 25, 2011



Omaha, Nebraska.

This is where we will be spending our summer. From April to August we will be selling pest control, once again. Surprisingly, I am really excited for this summer! Selling this summer means: sleeping in, good money and lots of time with J! Haha but honestly it's a really good opportunity for us because we both have summer jobs and we get to spend a lot of time together. I am already sick of Idaho. It is so cold here and some days I can't handle it! I want to do things outside so bad but making it from the house to the car is torture! Anyway life is good for us. My mom is coming to visit next weekend! woo hoo! Cheers for now!


  1. Meg! I've been there! Omaha is sweet! There are some ghetto places though I won't lie but where are there not ghetto places. I love you guys! I wish you were coming to the YL this summer.. it would have been sweet... but thats okay hopefully you guys will be back soon!! love you!

  2. megan! i'm coming i'm coming i am coming. i am SOOOOOOO excited. for real. i. cannot. wait. p.s. nebraska will be f.u.n. i'm excited for y'all. xoxo

  3. Hey This is "Aunt Maureen" Brads mom...our daughter Nicole and her husband and 2 kids live in Omaha...sp uyou can have some family around! oh snd Justins 2nd cousin Nick Christensen (Todds son) is on a mission there...Hooray for Omaha!


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