Monday, July 11, 2011

random facts

Today is Monday. BOO!! Just Kidding because this is basically the last week of school. Technically it ends next week but I like to tell myself that next week is just turning in projects and cleaning up all the art studios, which it is. I can't even begin to describe how happy I am that this semester is ending. Have you ever tried going to school in the summer? It's hard. Most days when J and I are driving to school we see happy little children riding their bikes and playing in the sprinklers but we can't even smile because we are one the way to school where we will sit in a classroom for the next 6 hours. Sounds terrible right? haha well luckily the semester started in April and at that time it was still cold here. It has just been tough the last month. I went to bed one night and woke up with NO motivation to do school work. It's kind of tragic because I love school but not right now. Right now I want to go to the beach and PARTY!

Well enough of my ranting. J and I had an awesome weekend! I took 3 naps. We went to the cheap theater to see X-men and got Kiwi Loco. (best fro yo ever) We went in our hot tub and got to see our little nephew get blessed in sacrament meeting. By the way, usually when I get yogurt I get granola and fruit because this it what I always get but this time I went loco. I was seriously craving fudge, brownies and all kinds of good stuff. So I went for it and I don't know if I will ever go back.
Right outside of our apartment.
So I thought I would share my most favorite hair. I am growing out bangs and usually I have a middle part but husband asked me to do a little braid (he said that's his favorite haha) and ever since then I have done one every day for like 2 weeks. Go figure.
No smiling because this is serious business.

So anyway I thought I would share some random facts about me because I love reading random facts about YOU guys:

-I am part Native American and part Ukrainian. The Native Americans pay for my school. HOLLA!
-I love making books, and I will share some later this week.
-I am Mormon. Didn't you guys know that? Go here to learn more.
-I REALLY want a dog.
-My husband is super friendly and outgoing so sometimes I like to sit back and observe people and conversations. It's kinda fun.
-I eat cereal entirely too much, in fact cereal for dinner! yay!
-I love running but I feel like it's a love/hate relationship. I love it and it hates me.
-I barely wear any makeup. I just don't like too and sometimes husband says, Oh can you put that stuff on your eyes for me. (he is talking about mascara, sad I know)
-I have been to Europe and I am obsessed with everything European. I want to go back. Today.
-I paint my nails weekly.

Welp people, that's me. Have good Monday :)


  1. Listen....I already knew all this stuff about you but maybe that's because you're my bff. go figure! Can you make me a book? I want one and I need a new church journal in fact! You always looked the best in a side part with the braid. I'm glad to see you are bringing it back at J-monay's request. Oh so I know I always say we are coming up to visit. But early in fall semester we really are!!! I'll be subbing and actually making money so we are gonna plan a weekend with you and J. I'll give you details later. Love you!

  2. You guys are so cute! And I love your jealous I can not for the life of me French braid my own hair!

  3. Love learning more about you!! :D You are gorgeous and don't need any makeup you lucky lady! And what a cool combination! Native American and Ukrainian!

  4. I about died when I saw the frozen yoghurt!! It looks SO good. Can you believe that I had frozen yoghurt for the first time on Friday?? Why is Europe always so behind on everything awesome?!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for following my silly blog! :)

  5. I love random facts!!! And I LOVE KIWI LOCO!!! We went to the old movie theater and there toooooooooo!!! It is a great combo! hahaha AAAAANDD I am usually the same fruit and cereal with my yogurt, but at Kiwi I went chocolately too! It was better then I ever planned! ajhhahah and yours looks really really good! Now I want some.

    That is cool you are part native american, I had no idea! My brother is part Cherokee ahahah that is a whole other story with in it's self. We have a diverse family to say the least.

    I really want a dog tooo!! And I found a breeder in ID and I am begging. BEGGING. to get a pup. What breed do you guys want? And for the record, babies don't cure the hunger for a dog!

    Cereal is a must in our house too! Live off that stuff.

    And I love that your husband asks you to put "that stuff" on your eyes ahhahaha. Hilarious!

    Ok sorry for the long comment. I just feel like we have a lot in common ahaha. Ohhhh and what is your major? And I too would hate going to school seeing happy joyful kids out and about! That is just plane cruel!

  6. I am loving that braid! And now I am craving brownies and fudge.

    Ask the Duplex

  7. That is so cool you are party native american. My husband's grandma was born in a teepee so he is 1/16th! haha We don't get the school benefits though...kinda sucks, but you are lucky! You are so pretty!

  8. Loved reading your random was nice getting to "know you" better. I think you should get a dog and continue to post awesome fro yo pics. :)

  9. yay for seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!! the last day of school will be here before you know it! You and Justin are troopers to go during the summer...and the hard work will pay off! :)

    and we have a frozen yogurt place 3 blocks from us!...goodness that stuff will be the death of me. a sweet death though ;)

    And how cool that you're native american & ukrainian! what a fun mix of cultures :) oh and cereal...i consider it a food group in and of itself =) And sadly I don't buy it any more because I've been known to finish a box of Life in one day. yowza.

    Oh and that braid is stellar :) looks like a unique french braid...i can see why justin likes it :)

  10. Your bright blue eyes and dark hair are the most beautiful combination in the world! You look gorgeous! Loved learning more about you!

  11. haha "serious business." you're so cute!

  12. That yogurt looks SO good! I love learning more about other bloggers :)

  13. Book making sounds really cool- I've always wanted to try it! Can't wait to see some of the books you made :)

    star-crossed smile

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love the braid, and do one for my bangs everytime I don't want to wash my hair.
    too funny:
    -my husband speaks Ukranian. How far back?
    -I'm mormon too.
    -I really want a dog!
    -I could eat cereal for every meal and never get tired of it.

  15. Oh love the random facts! And I can NEVER figure out how to braid my bangs...they are totally an akward stage (well getting them trimmed tom haha but still) and if I could have done that they would have looked much better! AnD SO GET A DOG!!!!! Worth it :) And Ukrainian sweet! I learned Ukrainian dances at BYU...I minored in Folk Dance hahaha. And yay for Mormons!

    Ashley Sloan

  16. Amazing post, fun to knwo about u, amazing pictures. Just came across and found it amazing

  17. i agree, school during summer is the absolute WORST!!! i've been doing spring AND summer so i don't get a break at all. it's kind of heart breaking. isn't being part brown and getting school paid for the best?!

  18. WOW that sounds like a great major!!! I would love that major!!! Seriously, that sounds like a dream!! haha

    I went to FIDM in LA and studied Fashion. I loooooooooved it and love anything that is artsy.

    For the dog breed, I would really like a Golden Doodle my sister has one and I love the temperament of a poodle but they have just the right amount of spunk from the Golden Retriever. Gian wants a Bulldog or a Chow Chow but I think when we are older and more established.

    Huskies are sooooooooooooooo cute! I love them. Maybe if you mixed them with a smaller breed they would be more puppy like ahhaha. And how perfect would a Husky be in Rexburg!? They would loooooove those winters. You need to get one... and I will help you ahhahaha!

    I realized I never told you how cute your hair is! I hope you have girls to do their hair as cute as this! And I love your olive skin... I wish I was naturally tan. That is why I married a Filipino hahaha give my kids a fighting chance ahahha. Well you are just a cute girl ahhaah!! You and your husband look so happy together and make a cute couple!

  19. ahhh i went to summer school too! it was my first time ever and i hated it!!!! its totally okay to wear your hair the same everyday, i do it too... im sure every girl does at some point! :)

  20. sisssy your eyebrows look tooo die for. i guess you wont be needing to take a visit to the indian ladies in Auguest when you come home!

  21. It's so great to get to know you better!!

  22. Very interesting tid bits about you. :) I like the braid in your hair! So adorable. You have very pretty shiny hair.


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