Thursday, July 21, 2011

See YA!

Well hello! This has been the busiest week ever and therefor blogging was kinda last on my list BUT that's okay because I'm pretty much done! I just have one more class today where I will turn in my last project (which is finished) and then I'm free!!! Tomorrow afternoon we are driving down to Salt Lake City because Saturday morning we are flying out to Washington D.C.!! I can't even contain my excitement. I am excited to be in a big city and explore a place that I've never been. Yay! So last weekend, yep I'm blogging about LAST weekend, we went and saw the epic Harry Potter movie. I am a fan and I've always been a fan but I am nothing compared to some people! I didn't do the midnight showing because frankly no matter how good it was, I would fall asleep! We saw it Saturday night and I was pleased!
Hubs and his friend, Erik! We went to the movie with our friends, Erik and Nicole but the picture of Nicole and I is less than desirable haha! So right now a few things are making me happy and here they are...
Yep, we are spending a MONTH in California. No big deal. I can't even express how happy I am!!!
I REALLY want this skirt. like now!
These three photos are via pinterest
These invitations are adorable. Well we are off To D.C. for a week and this means no blogging :( BUT as soon as I get back it looks like I will be doing giveaway of one of my books!!


  1. Yay! Have so much fun!! I want to hear all about It. :) I saw Harry potter Saturday night too. Loved it! And ya, Ill take one of those skirts please.

  2. Have fun! I'm so jealous you are going to CA for a month!

  3. Ok let's face it. I'm your best friend and just for that I deserve a book so I say we do this stupid drawing for who wins the book...but I win no matter what. Pick me even if I don't really win who will ever find out?

  4. oh hope you & justin have a blast!!! what a stellar way to hit off your summer (now that you don't have class. wahoo!) can't wait to see the photos you take, i know they'll be amazing :)

    and yay for a giveaway!

  5. I love Harry Potter, can't wait to see the new one (I know I'm a little slow) anyway have fun in D.C.!

  6. Thanks so much fo follwoing my blog,Im follwoing back,your blog is so beautiful,so sweet and gorgeous photo's,makes me wonna go spend some quality time with my family!
    Look forward to your future posts x

  7. Lovely blog, and thanks for the comment!

    I'm so jealous you get to spend a month in CA! Where are you going to be? And that is a fabulous skirt!

  8. A MONTH in California!
    I am drinking some serious haterade right now.
    But that is awesome!
    And D.C. is an awesome place!
    You'll love it!

    Hilary Mae

  9. A month away? Amazing! Hope you have fun.

    I'll covet that skirt you found off of pinterest as well.

  10. Cute pics!

  11. You are going to have SOOOO much fun! We want to hear all about it, mmmmkay?!

  12. I really liked Harry Potter too! I'm a fan too but not enough to watch the midnight showing haha :) Great skirt! I love it! :)

    <3 Belly B

  13. Oh wow that skirt is to die for! I watched harry potter last sunday with my hubby and i loved it! never read any of the books but the movies were great! have fun in washington, its beautiful there im sure you'll love.

    Just found your blog, and i love it! You got yourself a new follower :)

  14. Love that skirt too!!!! And HP was pretty spectacular!!! Saw it at Fat Cats with my sister in 3D... did you too?

    Have fun in DC!!! That is a great place to go visit! Seriously it is amazing!

    And a whole month back in CA!!! LUCKY!!! Soak up the sun for me... PLEASE!

  15. I so want that really bad! And you are exactly like me! I didn't see the midnight showing of the movie because I fell asleep at the last midnight showing I went to! I love HP tho! Have fun in DC!!! I went last summer and you'll love it!

    PS. Thanks for ur advice on my horrible hair disaster! It is now fixed, hallelujah! And I don't live in UT anymore otherwise I may try your friend, you live there right? Ha. I always make assumptions.

    Ashley Sloan

  16. ohhhhhh my gosh! I need that skirt!!!

  17. Thanks Megan! I'm in love with that skirt and how fun to be in Cali for a Month!!!


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