Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Reasons I am loving life right now:

- I got my wedding ring cleaned and re dipped.It's like a whole new ring! sparkle.

- My best friend Britney and her hubby our coming into town this weekend! yay for visitors!

- I was out taking photos for an assignment and I just couldn't stop taking pictures of the beautiful fall trees. I will probably have to go out again later. whoops!

- This semester J and I pretty much go to class at the same time everyday and get out at the same time..so that means LOTS and LOTS of togetherness. mmhmmmmmm :)

- I'm graduating in 8 weeks. Have I mentioned this before?

- I just ordered a skirt from forever21.com. I NEVER buy clothes online because my body is weiiiird and I need to try things on and I'm really lazy when it comes to sending things back but I'm super excited for this one.

- I have been trying lots of new recipes lately because we we're in a total food rut. I shall share later.

- And last but not least I just cut BANGS. I have always had bangs up until a year ago...I grew them out and I liked it but then I got bored so here they are again.

Some pictures I failed to share over the past few months..



Look at these dogs/lions I found while walking around Santa Monica. whaaaaaaaaat!


  1. That black one looks like the wolf-thing from Neverending Story! Scary!!

  2. I also love this time of the year when the colors change and the trees get soooo beautiful! I could take pics forever too! I hope your skirt fits nicely! :)

    xo, Ana

  3. You made me sigh and I think it's the first time I've breathed all day. Thanks! And I want to see this skirt - perhaps you and I have similar body types because my body is CRAZY too!

  4. 1. Totally know how you feel about the fall leaves.
    2. I'm graduating in 8 weeks too!! Well, I finish student teaching in that time.
    3. Yay new skirt & new recipes!!

  5. those dogs were soooo cute. aw that was a fun day!!!! I literally CANT wait for christmas :)

  6. these are all things to definitely be happy about. it's always the small things in life that really make us happy. and those dogs definitely look like wolf/lion mix. scary but precious at the same time!
    xo TJ

  7. I think we need a photo of the bangs! :) Congrats on graduating! So exciting! I remember the anticipation! xoxo

  8. I just got my rings cleaned this weekend and it makes SUCH a difference! I love how sparkly my diamonds are now :)

    Trying new recipes is always so fun. I hate getting stuck in food ruts! Share your recipes soon! :)

  9. Wow....those dogs look huge and furry!! lol

  10. 1. I LOVE getting my wedding ring cleaned! It's always like getting a new ring back!
    2. I am jealous of you about graduating! :]
    3. I want to hear about some of your fun recipes!

    Have a great weekend!! :]

  11. Thats how we are, we need some new recipies! make sure to post them!
    oh, and that mexican market is in idaho falls, there's two of them. You guys should come to idaho falls for a taco night! it would be fun to meet you guys!!

  12. Ahhhh, I love getting my wedding ring cleaned!! It makes me giddy all over again when it sparkles!!

  13. Your blog is too cute! What a happy list. Congrats on almost graduating! (:


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