Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The things that make up "us"

I was thinking the other day about all the little quirks that make J and I "us." We are kinda weird and that's just how I like it!

1. We both like our OWN blankets when we are sleeping and therefore we sleep with different blankets at night.
2. I can not stay up late unless I drink lots of caffeine or something but J....oh he can stay up very late whenever he wants!
3. We both like working out...together! This is kind of odd for some couples but we like going to the gym together or going on a run together.
4. We both like talking in this really embarassing baby voice. And no, I won't do it in public.
5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE sour patch kids, gummy worms and mike and ikes. J would never eat candy like this if it was up to him. He is a chocolate guy for sure!
6. Some guys can cook and J isn't one of them ha! But that's okay because I enjoy cooking a lot.
7. We like the same music for the most part. J will call my music girly or what not but 5 minutes later he is singing along. go figure!
8. We both want to end up living in California. This is big because J is from Idaho!
9. We are kind of boring. We both like staying home, renting movies and just hanging out.
10. We both want to be parents like now! haha that day will come...
11. I am a shopaholic. I love getting new clothes. J does not...enough said.
12. J loves sports, like ALL sports and ever since we got married I love sports too. If only J would love shopping like me.
13. We both have to shower every single day.
14. We like to drive around, look at houses and dream about owning a house one day. J has our entire backyard planned out with a pool, waterfall and outdoor flatscreen TV. HA!
15. We love each other and love being married yay!


  1. Oh separate blankets are totally necessary in our house too. Cute list!

  2. That's so cute!! I love hearing the cute things other couples do! I'm totally gonna have to do one of these1 ;)

  3. I love this list!! :) I might have to copy you!! Teehee! And you two are just perfect for each other!!

  4. You and your hubby are so cute! I love that you have such special things in your relationship that make you guys you!

  5. Cute post. Love that you shared the "little" moments with us. Also, I love your new look of the blog! Very nice!!!! Happy Finals! Good luck!

  6. Oh the baby voice... I wish I could say we don't do it in public. But we do. I feel for the people that have sat next to us in airplanes, buses, trains...

    This is such a cute post! I miss my husband now.

  7. I love this list! a lot of it sounds exactly like me and my husband!


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