Monday, February 6, 2012

Lately I've been neglecting this blog for a good reason. I got a full-time job!!! I'm still getting used to working full-time and I am now realizing how good I had it in college. College was fun and I got to be creative. I had time to blog and hang out with J but now I am working full-time and doing freelance graphic design jobs on the side. The little free time I have these days is spent hanging out with J AWAY from the computer. I think about blogging and I take pictures for my blog but sitting down to actually blog...yeah. We are loving our life in California and we still can't get over the amazing weather. I grew up here but being away for 4 years, you forget how amazing this place is. I guess I will let some pictures do the talking and I promise to be back soon!

The view from my parents backyard.


  1. CONGRATS on the job, Meggy!! I'm sure you are tearing it up!! :) That sunset picture kills me...Utah is pretty, but just NOT the same!

  2. You're back! Yay! Umm....the pics of Huntington are making me so homesick. I thought maybe you stopped blogging because I menionted I graduated from Los Al and you Esperanza... ha ha j/k! Glad you are enjoying work! I will have to think of something for you to design for me! Maybe a baby announcement?! ha ha j/k


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