Sunday, March 11, 2012

Scenes from this week

Last week was a great week. My Dad works out of town A LOT and last week he was home all week! Naturally, we partied! We celebrated my older brother's birthday. We went to dinner, watched movies, went to baseball games and talked a lot. I love my family SO it's kind of ridiculous! I love hanging out with them all the time. They are my best friends. I'm really lucky to have a family where we all get along :) The weeks have been going by SO fast lately. I have been doing a lot of fun projects like invitations and logos and all that good stuff. We are keeping busy over here and we are just grateful to be in the sunshine. Until next time...  :)

The last few pictures are pictures from around the house. p.s. my my mom and I bought some raised flower beds from Costco because we are going to have a LEGIT garden this year. I'm so excited!!


  1. pretty photos!
    hope you had a most excellent weekend lady!

    xo - ashley

  2. Oh, blog about your raised beds! That sounds so fun! I missed gardening season here in AZ...oh well!

  3. Aww your doggie is a cutie!!

  4. What a fun week! :] And I LOVE the pictures of the flowers! They are absolutely GORGEOUS!


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