Thursday, May 30, 2013


Somebody graduated from his cradle to a big boy crib and Mom isn't very happy about it. He was getting too big for the cradle and I knew we had to get a crib but whyyyyyyyyyyy! I want him to stay little forever. I never thought I would be one of those Moms. I told myself I would embrace every stage and love it as he gets bigger and I do but it needs to SLOW DOWN. Okay, none of this makes sense. I love that he is learning new things and getting bigger but I am sad because he is my BABY! Gosh I love being a Mom.



  1. I had a hard time when we transferred our little Eve to her crib, too. But now I sleep so much better because she's not in our room making so much noise. She would grunt all the time! And I think I felt more compelled to check on her all the time because she was right there where I could see her. I feel like our nights became a little more normal when she started sleeping in her room.

  2. Please tell me you plan on having at least 12 children!! He is soooooooooooooo cute!! his amazing eyes and his perfectly rounded head!! I am so obsessed with his cuteness!

    As for the crib... isn't it a sad moment? WHY!!! Why do the newborn stages go by so fast? It just isn't fair I tell you!! But I think that that is biology's way of making us have more children.... and when they are cute like this and distract you from the whole post it makes perfect sense! ahhahaha

  3. these photos are adorable!! i miss him!!


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