Wednesday, February 23, 2011


SERIOUSLY? is having a sale, and the sale ends today! They were practically begging me to buy something! So I did. I just bought some amazing Amy Butler fabric. I had no choice :)
What should I do with them? Pillows for our bed? Curtains for our bedroom? An apron? Ah! I'm so excited!


  1. oh megs! I love you! you are so cute. You have such a talent with crafts. I hope you have fun. Love ya!

  2. Meggy it was so good talking to you too! I wana come up and visit you soon. I just have to plan it. Thanks for the compliment on the bangs I definitely needed a drastic change. I've been meaning to tell you how well you pull off the middle part. The only reason I got bangs is because the middle part is so in and only certain people can pull it off and I'm definitely not one of them. so enjoy your middle part as long as it's "in" because I'm jealous you can pull it off. love you! lets talk again soon

  3. omg. cutest fabric ever. and i love amy.


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