Wednesday, April 13, 2011

i heart dogs


Today J and I went and looked at puppies at the mall! Why? Because they are so flippin cute and all they want to do is get out of that darn cage and play. haha I sound like a dog person but seriously it was so much fun! Our California trip has been uh-mazing. We went to LA yesterday, my mom and I sewed last night and tomorrow is designated "family fun day."

"Family fun day" means my parents and my sister-in-law took work off so we are going to PARTY. It is still up in the air what we are doing but the ideas are sounding epic! I'll share pictures later!

p.s. thanks for the comments recently :) love you all!


  1. Wow we both just blogged about dogs!!! We r becoming more and more like jules!!!!

  2. we ALWAYS go look at puppies at the mall! it's fun to drool over them and then look at the prices and see they cost as much as a mortgage. hahaha

  3. haha my husband will not let me go look at dogs because I will be so sad we can't take one home haha


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