Friday, April 8, 2011



This morning I walked up the front walkway of my parent's house and there were roses blooming.

Why is this so shocking?

Probably because I haven't seen anything bloom in like 5 months! BYU-Idaho is such an amazing school but the city of Rexburg can be a downer sometimes. Anywho-we are having a blast in California! We made a trip to Ikea [heaven on earth] and this weekend we are taking a much needed trip to downtown LA, celebrating my Dad's birthday and celebrating our anniversary. I'll post pictures later!

Happy Weekend :)


  1. SO jealous of your trip in california! Hope you have a blast!

  2. I am also very jealous!!!! Did you guys know it has been snowing every flipping day here. ugh! I NEED SUMMER! Miss you!

  3. ooooh you gotta love IKEA, for reals that place is truly a heaven on earth :) love the photo, happy weekend to you too!


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