Tuesday, September 24, 2013

my bow tie boy

My little bow tie boy passed the 6 month mark back in August and so I had to take a few pictures. I could take pictures of this babe all day. He is so happy and funny. I love everything about this age! He is easily entertained and already scooting around. He is very easy to make laugh and once he gets going, he will just laugh and laugh and laugh. I can't get enough of it! He was such a champ in the sleeping department but as of late, he seems to be going backwards. His 10-12 hour stretches have turned into 3-4 hour stretches. Teething? Growth spurt? I don't know!!! The lack of sleep is rough but cuddling that little babe in the middle of the night makes it all okay. At his 6 month appt. he weighed exactly 16 lbs (25%) and was 27.5 inches long (85%). He continues to be our long skinny boy :)

IMG_7284 copy


  1. He is the CUTEST!!! and I think he totally has your smile! :)

  2. darling pictures megan :) he's a gem! wishwe could see him in person more!


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