Monday, March 28, 2011

Camping and other fun stuff

On Saturday night Justin and I decided to swing by Wal-mart, pick up a red box and take a stroll. Yep, thats the kind of entertainment we get here in Idaho! So, as we walked around Wal-mart Justin sneakily lead us into the camping section. Ok, side note J has been asking for camping stuff for like weeks and I keep saying-Wait until it stops snowing and then we can get some camping stuff! Anyway, he proceeded to talk me into this totally awesome 6 man tent, and at this point I gave in. What was I thinking? ha! So we went home and immediately set it up! Yep, in our living room.
[pictures taken on our ultra lame camera]

..Anywho it was hilarious! The tent was huge! We could easily fit like 10 people laying down hah. We brought out our sleeping bags and played some scrabble for the night. I highly recommend the tent in the living room thing.

p.s. You know you're in Rexburg,Idaho when the girl on the treadmill next to you is reading the Book of Mormon. ha gotta love it!

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  1. Hey, I love when things like this happen. Unplanned nights are the best ones. and by the way thanks for the award! ha ha loved reading the random 7 things about you. I keep wanting to pass it on but I literally don't know if I even have 10 blogs that I know! (definitely not ones that are new..)so eventually it will happen...have a great week!


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